Featured Artist | Anthony George

Featured Artist | Anthony George

About the Artist

After studying apparel and textile design at Michigan State University, Anthony George moved to New York City in 2008 and soon launched his design firm, Anthony George Home.  Offering interior design services, home furnishings, and one of a kind abstract art, Anthony's work has been celebrated on the pages of Domino, Luxe, Architectural Digest online, New York Spaces, Rue, and Apartment Therapy.  The two major influences on his work are animals and travel. "I've been animal-obsessed since I was a child," says Anthony, "I think they're beautiful creatures that are so smart, have amazing qualities, and can teach us a lot." His travels have taken him to such far flung destinations as Thailand, Morocco and Portugal, and have heavily influenced his collection of upholstery fabrics and rugs.  The latest addition to Anthony's design portfolio are his collection of prints for Artfully Walls. 

Q&A with Anthony

Shown above: Anthony's " Cappella " fabric in blush/sky. 

Shown above: Anthony's "Cappella" fabric in blush/sky. 

ARTFUL REVIEW: You're creating quite the design empire! Tell us about your fabric collections, rug line, murals, interior design and now art prints. What inspired this path and what is next for you?

ANTHONY GEORGE: Initially my business offered residential interior design, but I knew that I really wanted to do something more than just decorate.  So, my next step was to start a fabric collection.  I took my love of painting and started translating it into textile designs, and soon realized there was an opportunity to expand these designs onto other products. Soon after, I was approached by a rug company called Sacco Carpet about doing a collaboration, and was able to translate my paintings onto rugs! My concepts were all hand painted, scanned, and then created into the final rug design that was then produced in Thailand. I knew that I wanted to be able to share my art with everyone so I'm excited to also now be a part of the Artfully Walls family. Next in the works is wallpaper collection that will launch in Spring 2018. 

A lively gallery wall in Anthony's apartment, featuring a mix of his artwork, family photos and vintage finds. 

A lively gallery wall in Anthony's apartment, featuring a mix of his artwork, family photos and vintage finds. 

AR: Does art play a big role in your own home and in your interior design projects? If so, where do you normally buy your art?

AG: Absolutely. I think art is very personal and will mean something different to everyone. I like to collect African Art and usually flood my walls with it. I do often find art at the flea market and along my travels. Art doesn't have to be expensive to mean something. On my last trip, I found the most amazing piece of art by a local artist in Lisbon, and only cost 20 Euros. Every time I look at it I am reminded of that moment meeting a great artist on a great trip. 

Shown above: Anthony's " Chaang " fabric in Onyx. 

Shown above: Anthony's "Chaang" fabric in Onyx. 

AR: We know that you love to travel--can you tell us how it inspires your designs? Where is the most inspiring place you've ever visited?

AG: When I travel, I am looking at everything I encounter. Architecture, food, textiles, colors, people--I take notes on what strikes my eye. I like to sketch when I'm traveling to make sure I remember things in the moment. I would say the most inspiring place I have traveled thus far is Tangier, Morocco. It is such a different world, a different culture, and so much to see. This is the center of my inspiration for the wall coverings I will be launching in spring '18. 

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