Featured Artist | Lauren Marttila

Featured Artist | Lauren Marttila

Self described as an “adventurous, creative, introverted artist,” Lauren Marttila traded her fast-paced life in Manhattan to live on the tiny island of Nantucket. Capturing the island’s natural beauty with her serene style of photography, Marttila’s work has become a favorite among locals and interior designers alike. We caught up with the artist on her journey to becoming a photographer, her wanderlust spirit, and daily life on Nantucket.

“Flock” by Lauren Marttila, who recalls the photo as “A moment in time, when the birds formed the shape of a whale against the most beautiful pink sky I've ever seen.”

THE ARTFUL REVIEW: Can you tell us what your average day looks like on Nantucket, both in summer and winter? 

LAUREN MARTTILA: The best thing about living on Nantucket year-round is that every season is completely different from the next. I couldn’t keep up with the frenetic pace of the summer year-round, nor could I handle the stillness of the winter for any longer than it already lasts. In the summer an average day would include an early morning surf check, work and/or beach time, then either grilling at home, an early bite to eat at one of the island’s amazing restaurants, or most frequently - attending an event for one of the island’s many non-profits. (The Nantucket Boys & Girls Club is near and dear to me). My average day in the winter also frequently starts with a surf check (the waves are often better in the winter), work, and then an early night cooking at home. The biggest difference is the pace of the day. The summer is high energy and just has this feeling that you need to fit in everything you ever wanted to do into two months.

“I love this image because it reminds me of old school Nantucket,” says Marttila.

AR: You credit your husband for sparking your interest in photography. Tell us about your journey from picking up a camera for the first time to becoming a professional photographer. 

LM: (It still feels a little surreal to have someone call me a professional photographer.) I shared a lot of my work on Instagram and over the years I received inquiries from people interested in purchasing my work – but I wasn’t ready to sell anything. With a little perspective, desire to grow something, and a lot of research – the timing was finally right for me to channel my energies into starting my own business. 

“You can feel the anticipation from the surfers as they await the incoming waves,” says Marttila of her work titled “Lineup.”

AR: Aesthetically, we know that you're attracted to simplicity. What are your tips for living with art in a streamlined, and perhaps minimal home?

LM: I am attracted to simplicity in terms of what I like to photograph, but I prefer a collected look for everything else at home. I saw the term  “warm minimalism” somewhere, and I like that phrase. I love layers (pillows, blankets, rugs), and I find a collected bookshelf swoon worthy. I want my photographs to fit in anywhere and everywhere, and if my subject matter is simple and features negative space – I hope the viewers can see themselves in the image; and in turn, easily bring the piece into their home.

Marttila, en route to photograph her husband surfing at Fisherman's Beach.

AR: In the spirit of wanderlust, where do you dream of traveling to photograph? 

LM: I want to go everywhere. Indonesia, Morocco, Portugal, Joshua Tree, Malibu, Hawaii, Oregon, St. Barts, Moraine Lake.

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