Artist Feature: Ashleigh Ninos


Ashleigh's work explores abstraction with dyes on paper.

Ashleigh currently teaches in the visual arts at a small private high school on California's central coast. She works alongside her husband and fellow maker, Johnny Ninos, with their little boy Finn in tow.

The Forecast Series

New Hampshire raised and California residing, Ashleigh's Forecast Series grew organically out of her craving for the psychological weight weather carries; a reflection of her geographic move and seasons missed. 

Drawing a parallel to the effect of hearty weather, Ashleigh utilizes the inherent properties of her materials; the paper soaks, warps and stretches under the weight of the water, altered and stained as a trace to the dip-dying process. 



The Contour Series came about as a result of Ashleigh's long time practice of the blind contour drawing technique. First introduced to the process in high school, she's come back to it time and time again both as a practicing artist and teacher.

Often using one continuous line and looking solely at the subject for the duration of the study, this process captures true observation in all it's accuracies or faults.