Diane Bergeron on Art, style and the Churchill House

Diane Bergeron on Art, style and the Churchill House

If you've ever dreamed of running away, this post is for you!  Tucked away in the hills of South Gippsland, Australia, is the cozy country retreat of one of our favorite interior designers, Diane Bergeron.  The area boasts great food, award winning wineries and olive groves, fantastic beaches, and beautiful countryside.  But what has our team smiling ear-to-ear is the 1940s church and Sunday school that Diane and her family renovated, designed, and are now offering for sale.  (Never have we been more tempted to move down under!)  Before Diane parts with this beauty, The Artful Review catches up with her to get the inside scoop. 

The Artful Review: How did you discover this home and what attracted you to it initially?

Diane Bergeron: "We had our heart set on finding a country retreat with character for escaping the city on weekends, so after many late nights trudging through heaps of bland and uninspiring properties...there it was! A complete mess but with very good bones! I loved the high ceilings in the main room (16 ft), the windows, the view. It's actually a 1940's church and Sunday school but it's not too churchy..."

AR: What renovations did you make over the years?

DB: "We redid the bathroom and kitchen, painted and wallpapered, installed new lighting and put in french doors and a beautiful deck."

AR: How does art play a role in the design of this space?

DB: "Art is a huge feature in the house--we have it everywhere, including the bathroom! In the main room, we have a mix of portraits, landscapes and drawings hanging from the wood paneling to the ceiling."

AR: Anything else that's special about this house and personal to you?

DB: "It's so cozy, but feels grand and special at the same time. We've had so many great years there making family memories."

The house is set on a one-acre plot surrounded by majestic trees and spectacular views, making it the perfect escape from the city and Diane's hectic design schedule. 

If you're not too busy digging for your passport, you can learn more about this home here, check out more of Diane's work here, and even sign up for classes at the college that Diane founded, Mercer School of Interior Design.  Pretty impressive gal if you ask us. ;)

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