Real Resolutions from Top Design Minds

Real Resolutions from Top Design Minds

The Artful Review catches up with a few of our favorite designers and tastemakers to see what made the cut for this year's resolutions. 


India Hicks

Designer, Author and Founder of India Hicks, Inc. 

"To spend much more time washing my mouth out with soap. And to read the Daily Skimm, DAILY."

Celerie Kemble

Interior designer and Author

"I'm really, really, really going to try to meditate 2x a day (a new practice for me) and work out 2x a week (this never happens). Both are related to attempts at a greater sanity that I always hope is coming with the next year!!"

Mark D. Sikes

Interior Designer, Fashion Designer and Author

"I think my New Year's resolution is simple this year; I just want to be more in the moment, enjoy what's around me more versus worrying so much about all that there is to do and getting everything done. Might even implement a no technology day (Sunday), put the phone down, stay off the computer and social media, and take more naps!"

Sara Ruffin Costello

Designer, Decorator, Writer, Creative Consultant & Preservationist

"I'm doing the Whole30 which should be challenging, especially the alcohol part."

Christiane Lemieux

Co-Founder Cloth&Company and Founder Lemieux et Cie

“2017 is about writing your own rules. I am building new businesses and everything is changing so quickly that I am throwing out any rulebooks I have used in the past. I think everyone should. Be brave, write your own rules in work and life. I promise it will be the best thing you do this year.”

Lulu Powers

The Entertainologist

"Take quality time for myself and read more."